Nautical Bedding Ideas and Choices

Nautical Decor and Bedding For Your Home

Are you a seasoned sailor? Or maybe you just long to near the ocean. In either case the love of  nautical bedding would be clearly understandable. Many people who have never been on the water have fallen in love with the romantic stories of their childhood just adore the nautical theme when decorating their home and in particular the bedroom. Check out the vast selection of  nautical bedding available to choose from.

The use of  nautical bedding sets is not some new fad but a long standing theme that has been seen for many years, but don’t expect it to disappear soon either. When you love the water and ocean it gets in your blood and lasts a lifetime. If you are fortunate to leave on or near the ocean you can experience the salt air everyday. While others who may have been displaced due to work or other obligations can only dream of the ocean on a daily basis. For these people, using a nautical theme while decorating can be very comforting and relaxing.

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The range of ideas and selection of bedding and accessories is almost endless. One of my favorite nautical bedding ideas is the lighthouse bedding, they just seem so beautiful. Other possibilites include quilts of patchwork designs which can feature two or three blocks repeated through out. Many can be cotton or cotton blends, you could make yourself if you have the expertise and time. The most often way is to just purchase a pre-made quilt in a pattern that is appealing to you. This may not give the pleasure of knowing you created a unique piece yourself but it is much quicker.

Nautical quilts comes in stripes with white or neutral reverse, giving you a choice of two accent possibilites. Solid colors with contrasting accents work equally well with a nautical bedroom. Along with the quilt, nautical pillows may be used to complement the bed cover.

If you have a new baby or one arriving soon the nautical crib bedding for the nursery is truly beautiful. With the majority of the nautical items being more in the cooler blue hues, it does tend to be used for a boys room ore often than the girls. Yet there are a number of choices you can make to select warmer colored pieces and accents to create a more neutral look and feel. Ivory bedding with seashells are available many in an antique ivory look that is quite calming, they easily fitting into an exisiting room decor. You can pick from nautical crib bedding sets, change table covers and many related nautical theme lamps and even mobiles.

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As the child grows you can expand and change to a twin bedding in a nautical print. Don’t forget to include a nautical photo or print for the wall. Adding a nautical themed throw for a chair in the room just creates a more beautiful sanctuary. Even using drift wood or shells collected from the beach give added finishing touches to your wonderful nautical room. If your child wants the ultimate why not get them a ‘boat’ bed, what would be more nautical than an actual boat. Let your imagination run, you may be surprised what you discover.

In a master bedroom the larger space can feature even more co-ordinating accents. The use of nautical drapes or curtains will help define windows and create focal points. With adjoining master bathrooms the nautical look can be carried on with nautical towels, shower curtains and toiletry accessories. Life rings, lobster traps, fish netting & bouys, compasses and ores are just a small selection of possibilities. Your  nautical decor options are numerous so be creative.

If you are not yet convinced of the beautiful possibilties of the  nautical bedding look for your bedroom, just have a look at the many items that are available to help you create the perfect nautical haven. If you love the ocean do yourself a favor and fill your bedrooms with the soothing reminders of the sea. Experiment with different colors and bedding materials and I’m sure you will fall in love with them.

Nautical by Nature: Nautical Bedding

I LOVE the nautical bedding! I say get the life preserver pillow.   The Preppy Princess said… We are lusting in our heart for those sheets. 

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Easy, Affordable Nautical Decor

The centerpiece of the bedroom, the nautical bedding, was a faded, patchwork quilt that looked to have been pieced from scraps salvaged from vintage clothing picked up at a thrift store.

Gearing Up

The blanket on the back is part of the nautical bedding set. Some of the baby gear: high chair, stroller, car seat The book “Baby Bargains” was a lifesaver! I highly recommend it. 

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    Hi thanks for some great ideas. we are in the process of re-doing one bedroom and had decided on something nautical. Lots of help here.

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    Thanks for the info. I was on the lookout for an original present for my parents wedding anniversary, both of whom spend more time sailing than on land.

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